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Here's why I love to help ambitious hard-working women like yourself create and sustain purpose driven businesses!

After completing college and successfully earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, I landed a job at a retail store. Wait! What?! Yup, you read that right. You see, I was swindled by the idea of the "American dream" that if I went to school, I'd immediately land a fancy corporate job. But, the truth was, that's not what happened. After graduating, I applied to lord knows how many jobs in the business world only to get so many "nos" I couldn't fathom any more rejection, especially as someone who suffered low self-esteem and shyness for years. Even after I managed to switch jobs five years into my retail career to become an office manger at a wealth management company, I still wasn't living the dream that I deserved. I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and frankly, uninspired. But, all that changed once I discovered my purpose. 


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