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Leading with Purpose
12-Week Program

During your transformation....

You will learn how to build a purposeful brand

You'll gain clarity about your purpose and how important it is to live in it. 

You'll learn how to break mental barriers in order to become successful.

You will gain knowledge on business development

You will discover ways on how to develop multiple streams of income, learn how to create systems for your business and 

will be proficient in creating successful campaigns that will generate leads and sales.​​


You will develop leadership skills

You will learn how to create opportunities for yourself and others.

You will learn how to become a thought leader and expert in your field.


Let’s be honest … finding your “purpose” in life isn’t an easy task.


If it was just as easy as leaning into your passion and doing more of it, you’d be more successful, fulfilled and beaming with excitement every time you wake up in the morning.


But truth is, you’re not.


Sure, you have passions. Sure, you have things you love doing.


But for some reason, you still wake up Monday morning with a feeling you could be doing more.


Like you’re not fulling showing up as yourself.


Like something’s missing.

You know your ambition will take you anywhere you want to go. But the problem is, you don’t know WHERE you want to go or how to get there.


All you know is you want to wake up excited to get to work doing what you love … and make money doing it.

Does this ring a bell?


If so, then you’ve found just what you need – the Leading with Purpose Coaching Program. It’s a 12-week, step-by-step, 1-on-1 coaching program designed for ambitious, hard-working women like you who want to live passion-filled lives and create purpose-driven businesses.

What We'll Cover in the Program

In the program, you’ll receive hands-on guidance and accountability as you take your first steps on the path to passion, purpose and profits so you can:


● Get eagle-eye insights into your branding strategy

● Discover how to create authentic content that best represent the real you

● Craft, develop and embody your own leadership identity

● Discover what your wallet-lining skills are

● Price your products and packages for profit

● Set up auto-pilot systems and processes that let you live your life and build a business

● And so much more


Here’s the thing … it is up to us to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of our own blessings.


So, the question is … are you ready to invest in yourself, lean into your purpose and learn how to create a passion-filled, profitable business? This program is for women who are just starting or have been in business for years. 

Investment: $3,500

Payment plan available 

What Clients Are Saying

We are so glad that we invited Lee Whetstone to teach her Purpose to Profit course series in the She Wins Society community. The class was very well put together and Lee did an excellent job of conveying the information. We were more than confident in her ability to deliver an impactful experience. However, Lee exceeded our expectations with her level of professionalism, creativity, and communication. It was obvious that she put a great deal of thought and care into ensuring that her course would help to move our members forward. We really appreciate her time, effort, and consistent positive energy. We would definitely recommend Lee’s teachings to anyone who wants to learn how to find their purpose and earn a profit while operating in it. Thanks again, Lee!

Andromeda, Master Life Coach & Owner of She Wins Society

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 2.59.53 AM.png

My connection with Lee started with her initial programs for entrepreneurs offered back in 2020 where I saw a need for her expertise as I pivoted my photography business due to the pandemic. Fast forward to 2021, I pivoted and remixed my services then through her coaching I began to see myself as an expert in visual branding....she gives her clients so much more time and attention as a thought partner, accountability coach and a subject matter expert in marketing and systems automations. I love how her mind works and her main focus is to help you expand your business and revolutionize your mindset on how you define yourself as an entrepreneur. With Coach Lee, you step up and step into a new self awareness. #TeamCoachLee -- 

Chante, Photographer & Visual Brand Coach

IMG_7081 (1) (1).jpg

I am working with Lee specifically to build upon my business’s media strategy and I am receiving that and so much more. Lee has given me great insight into my overall brand, allowing me to put my business, messaging, services, and possibilities into perspective. Lee is a visionary and I highly recommend her to any and every entrepreneurs.

Dana, Mompreneur & Brand Strategist


I’ve had a small business for the past 13 years, single handedly managing.  As it grew over the years, I’ve needed help overall, from employees to assistants and resources.  Over what seemed to be a short year and a half; Lee Whetstone has helped me in so many ways!  From developing my invoices and contracts to developing new and bigger ideas to expand my company along with so much more.  She’s a great guidance to go to when I feel stuck with my business.  Lee is god sent and I appreciate her expertise and professionalism that comes with it. She is my number 1 recommendation for anyone serious about starting/improving their businesses!

Berena, Licensed Veterinary Specialist

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