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Here's Why Storytelling is a Great Marketing Technique

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

"If all you're doing is marketing, you're doing it wrong. Storytelling works because you're sharing a memory, or a lesson, or you're inspiring someone with your own story. Rather than just selling, you're giving something of value. Storytelling offers the opportunity to talk with your audience, not at them. People can't help but want to be a part of your story, and that's how marketing can happen the natural way." - Laura Holloway

Sharing Your Story Builds Trust.

Not only is storytelling great for marketing, it also builds trust between you and your tribe. People love to engage with or buy from businesses they can relate to. Sharing your success story can enlighten your potential target market in an emotional and motivating way. For example, one of the guest features for Leading with Lee Magazine had this to say; “I wanted my story told right, so I came to you because you get it” It went beyond the surface of her featuring with the publication. She actually connected with me behind the scenes which in turn, made her want to be a part of the magazine.

“Millennials want brands with a story, something they can relate to. Thy want a personal brand they can put a face to” - Bobby Berk

Sharing Your Story Humanizes Your Brand.

PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE. As a small business owner or personal brand, marketing your products and services via social media, paid advertisement, or on your website is sometimes not enough to grasp the attention of potential clients, especially if they have never heard of your brand. When starting out as a new business owner, it can be difficult as consumers are skeptical about giving money to new businesses. Sell your products and services with a story. Make potential clients FEEL & WANT what you have to offer. Also, showing up at events and conferences can be beneficial as potential clients and supporters can now put a face behind the brand. There are a number of reasons why people would like to buy your products or services after meeting you. For one, it could be the story you’ve shared as to why and how you started your business. Secondly, it can simply be your personality that attracts them to you. As a result, you have now built trust between you and a potential client. This also clarifies that your business is not fraudulent to skeptical customers.

Sharing Your Story Validates Who You Say You Are.

In the words of rapper Jay-Z “We don’t believe you, you need more people” Start sharing your story on platforms other than your own. Get influencers to start speaking about your brand and have them re-post your content on their social media platforms. Most people are natural followers so when they see someone that they perceive to be successful or valuable post something about your company, they will definitely further investigate what your brand is about. In their minds, if that particular influencer or brand featured you, you MUST be worth looking into. (Keep in mind to only connect with brands who have the same or similar audience you would like to attract to your company). There are a couple of ways to get featured on another platform. One would be to pay for an AD, and number two would be to simply collaborate with them. If you want to collaborate with another brand, make sure you bring something valuable to the table that will benefit them as well.

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Written by: Lee Whetstone

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