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How I Made An Additional $4500 in My Biz During Quarantine

This year has been full of unexpected events. From experiencing a global pandemic due to COVID-19 to black people fighting for civil and equal rights due to the on going injustices. This year has been a blessing and a curse for many. If you need resources and tips on how to handle both pandemics, read the previous articles from my publication The Underlying Condition of Oppression and COVID19 Stress Tips: How to Deal With Anxiety During a Pandemic.

While in quarantine, I made an additional $4,500 in my business. I achieved this because I made a promise to myself to continue to show up for my tribe and decided not to put my purpose on pause. Now, don't get me wrong, everyone is experiencing different emotions and situations due to the many things that are happening, but if you are in a position to continue to pursue your dreams, what's stopping you? Now is the time more than ever to level up personally and professionally. I've managed to coach clients through my Leading with Purpose program and was able to promote small business owners that was happy to put a voice and face to their message by featuring them in Leading with Lee. If you are ready for me to coach you by teaching you how to gain more clients, develop organizational structure, and how to build a profitable brand, schedule a call with me.

Not ready for 1-on-1 coaching? Join our membership which is full of e-guides, courses, resources, and tools to help you elevate in your business. Enrollment is currently open at $200/month vs $400. It's 50% off now. Membership will start on July 7th. 

Still thinking about it? Read what people are saying.

Lee Whetstone, Purpose Coach, Brand Marketer, Mompreneur, Editor-in-chief of Leading with Lee magazine

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