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welcome to club purpose

Image by Clarke Sanders

Club Purpose is a monthly platform designed to teach women how to successfully turn their purpose into profitable businesses. In this community, you will have access to connect with other giants like yourself, receive tools and resources, e-books, and more! Here's what you will gain:

1. Access to live monthly Q&A & group coaching sessions. 

2. Free trainings on how to level up personally and professionally.

3. An ample amount of free resources. 

4. 20% off of the Leading with Purpose program. This is were you'll meet with me exclusively on a 1-on-1 basis to gain clarity on how to move forward with your business.

At Club Purpose, there are no long lines. Members will have instant VIP access to a plethora of business building materials ranging from e-guides, resources, and group coaching. If you are just starting out or would like to grow your existing brand then Club Purpose is for you. It's time to level up in your business with available tools right at your fingertips.

Why Join?

1. You'll boost productivity and sales for your business.

2. You'll gain clarity on how to create a successful brand with purpose.

3. You'll learn how to develop money making campaigns.

4. You'll learn how to develop systems and organizational structure.

5. You'll learn how to lead with purpose in order to become the person you are destined to be.

Club fees are non-refundable. Members can cancel at anytime.


I’ve had a small business for the past 13 years, single handedly managing.  As it grew over the years, I’ve needed help overall, from employees to assistants and resources.  Over what seemed to be a short year and a half; Lee Whetstone has helped me in so many ways!  From developing my invoices and contracts to developing new and bigger ideas to expand my company along with so much more.  She’s a great guidance to go to when I feel stuck with my business.  Lee is god sent and I appreciate her expertise and professionalism that comes with it. She is my number 1 recommendation for anyone serious about starting/improving their businesses!

Berena, Licensed Veterinary Specialist

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