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Here's What You Can Do To Elevate In Your Business During COVID-19

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Always Be Prepared

I was watching the Cat & the Hat movie recently with my daughter and realized that Mr. Humberfloob's germaphobe character showed that you must always be prepared for what's to come. He had hand washing stations and hand sanitizer around the office and attached to his belt. He was prepared to stay germ free in all areas of his business. There was structure around his "madness". If the coronavirus became a pandemic in Mr. Humberfloob's world, he would have been unaffected. Take this opportunity to re-evaluate or develop your organizational structure and procedures to make sure your business is always prepared for a change that you have no control over. You are an entrepreneur, and within that entrepreneurship road to success, there are bumps on that pathway. It may slow you down, but it shouldn't shut you down.

Strategies That You Can Implement Now

Communicate with your tribe.

Send an email to your clients letting them know that you and your team are taking the necessary precautions to ensure everyone's safety. If there has been a change in your business hours, new work strategies or upcoming in-person meetings that has to be re-scheduled, let them know. Your clients will appreciate your honesty and concerns.

Develop new ways on how to serve them.

There are many ways that you can serve your clients. You can develop online workshops, e-books, courses, send informational newsletters or create customized products that they can use during this time. If you are in the healthcare industry, this may be harder as you are required to take care of patients on-site. If this is the case, be extra careful. Constantly wear masks and gloves even if you are at the front desk checking people in.

Work on your brand story.

Revisit the content on your website. What message are you sending to your audience? Is it in alignment with the products and services that you produce? Is the language on your website speaking to the right people? Take this time to comb through your brand's message.


Are your policies, procedures, contracts and agreements up to date? If you are looking for a file can you find it? Utilize this time to update service packages and organize your files.

Start a side business.

If you are not a business owner, now is the time to become one. And of course, this is only if you desired to become a boss before COVID-19. Most people are required to work from home due to the virus. There are companies out there providing little to no pay to their employees. Having multiple streams of income is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity! If you are feeling stuck on how to start or move forward in your current side hustle, click here for the support you need.

Remember, continue to show up for your customers and for yourself during these times.

Article by: Lee Whetstone - Purpose Coach, Brand Marketer, Mompreneur, Magazine Owner

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