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How to Increase Productivity for Your Purpose Driven Brand

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

How are you handling the organizational development side of your business?

Although there are many things that fall under the organizational development umbrella, let’s focus on production today. Here’s how you can increase productivity for your purpose driven brand:

1. Hire your weakness

As time goes by and business starts to grow, business owners are more likely to aim at working less IN their businesses and would like to work more ON their businesses. Therefore, outsource tasks that you are not skilled in, or that you don’t have time to do anymore.

2. Batch your work

Choose a day or two out of the week to plan content for your website, courses, social media handles, memberships, etc. so that you can save time during the week to focus on other things. Automate as much as you can.

3. Hire a business coach

There comes a point in time when you'll need guidance from a business coach. Coaches will help you get unstuck, help you with your goals, and will help you reach the next level for your business.

Need a business coach? Click here to learn about the Leading with Purpose program.

Systems are what make businesses grow, flow, and sell. Having the right systems in your business will increase sales, brand longevity, and place you ahead of your competitors.

5. Write out a good business procedure

A business procedure describes each sequence of steps your organization need in order to run smoothly. It should include how something is done, why it should be done, and who on the team will execute it.

What are you implementing in your business to help with productivity?

Written by: Lee Whetstone, Purpose and Brand Marketing Coach, Magazine Owner

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